Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Kit

Here's a new kit finally. I managed to draw a few things for this kit, too. Not everything in the kit is shown on the preview - at least individually. There are 5 different leaves that I drew which aren't shown as individual bits on the preview, but those are what I used to make the frames and the deco bits as well as one of the papers. There's an acorn as well as an apple which aren't shown individually either.

The papers are shown on a second preview image below. It just was way too busy with everything clumped together on a single image. The papers and ribbons are a bit larger than I generally make. If anyone has a preference for sizes, please let me know. Generally I make the papers at 500x500 and the ribbons at 600 px long. This time they're both slightly larger.

I just realized that the preview for the papers only shows 9 rather than 10 different ones. There really are 10 papers in the zip. I just missed one when I made the preview last night. lol The one missing from the preview is the leaf patterned one - it looks like the middle of the leaf ribbon.

Edit: I fixed the below preview image for the papers. If you download the zip though, it's still got the old incorrect preview inside. Just didn't want to delete it and have to reupload it.

- 10 papers (600x600 px)
- 3 ribbons (700 px long)
- 3 deco bits (inc. line of apples, line of leaves, & leaf bunch w/acorns)
- 2 frames (1 oval & 1 square)
- 3 buttons
- 3 leaf-shaped lined tags
- 1 wordart
- 9 objects drawn by me (inc. acorn, apple, empty basket, basket w/apples, & 5 different leaves)

Download from SkyDrive here