Sunday, June 27, 2010

Patriotic Girls

Wonders never cease, huh? lol I'm actually surprised I've gotten another set of images done so soon after that last set I posted. These are much larger than I generally make things so I hope that they'll be usable by full-size scrappers, too. If anyone were to try using these for a larger project like that but find that they're still too small, please let me know & give me a size range to shoot for next time.

Wishing everyone an early Happy Fourth of July to those in the US & Happy Canada Day to those in Canada! There's also a girl holding a sparkler rather than a flag for those in countries other than Canada & the US.

- Girl holding American flag (1271 x 411 px)
- Girl holding Canadian flag (1271 x 411 px)
- Girl holding sparkler (1271 x 411 px)
- Waving US flag (625 x 476 px)
- Waving Canadian flag (615 x 477 px)
- Sparkler (403 x 174 px)
- Flat US flag w/ no wave distortion (325 x 575 px)
- Flat Canadian flag w/ no wave distortion (325 x 575 px)

You can click the preview below to see it at a larger size, but these are way bigger than indicated by even the full-size preview.

Download from SkyDrive here


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Party

I've been working on this set of images since I uploaded the Happy Grad images. Hope some of you guys will like them & be able to find a use for them. The zip contains everything shown on the preview below - 9 images in total. If anyone uses them, I'd really love to see what you make. :) I think I might start working on a tagger scrapkit to go with this one - liked the colors of these.

- Groom (260 x 694 px)
- Bride (388 x 734 px)
- Car (552 x 505 px)
- Cake (317 x 417 px)
- Church (844 x 736 px)
- Engagement Ring (200 x 225 px)
- Wedding Bands (250 x 200 px)
- Champagne Flute (97 x 302 px)
- Toasting Champagne Glasses (248 x 321 px)

(Click image below to see larger. Actual size of all pieces are larger than shown even on the larger preview. I don't remember how much I downsized each one when making the preview.)

Download from SkyDrive here