Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Happy Christmas Eve to you all :) One last tidbit before Christmas gets here & passes me by. I managed to finish him up this morning. I know it's a bit late in the season to be making Christmas tags and things, but hopefully someone may like him and still be able to find a use for him.

Just wanted to also add that I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all the nice comments so many of you guys have left for me here, at 4shared, and via email. Always so very appreciated. :)

This one is a fairly small file size-wise, won't take very long to download at all I expect. He's taller than shown on the preview though - about 500px tall.

Download from SkyDrive here


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Curly Trees

Spent most of the day doing last-minute Christmas shopping, but I managed to get to play in PSP a little bit this afternoon. Just finished these and wanted to post them. Maybe some of you all will like them & be able to find a use for them. They're larger than shown on the preview - each is a bit over 300px tall, and they're in the same colors as my Christmas kit down below - red, green, gold, & silver.

You can click on the preview image below to see a larger copy. For some reason, regardless of what size I make the preview, it winds up looking smaller.

Download from SkyDrive here

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Angels

I made these this evening & wanted to get them posted before I headed off to bed for the night. There are the 6 as shown on the preview - 3 taller ones at a little over 300px tall & 3 of the shorter ones at around 260px tall. I hope some of you guys might like them and be able to find a use for them. :)

Download from SkyDrive here


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Christmas Tubes

And here are the mouse-drawn tubes I mentioned in my post yesterday. Hope someone can find a use for them. :)

Credit goes to Chelle/Teddy Bear Lane for her teddy bear tutorials hosted at PSP Playground. I did one of her tuts for making a different bear awhile back and learned how to make the critter look furry. This one in my post isn't from a specific tut of hers, but the technique I used is what I learned from her tuts. Thank you to Chelle for sharing her great tutorials. :)

- Tree
- Poinsettia
- Mouse in Santa hat (same mouse as the ones in an earlier post - just drew him a hat)
- Teddy in Santa hat
- Teddy without the hat (not shown on the preview)
- Santa hat (not shown on the preview - same hat as the one on the teddy bear though)

Download from SkyDrive here


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Kit

Look! A new kit finally! lol Hope someone might like it & be able to find a use for it. Credit goes to Bluebird for her tutorial on making your own Christmas tinsel and glitter tiles & to Shawna for her Fuzzy Fibers tutorial and brushes - both of which I used for making the tinsel bits in my kit. Thank you to both of you ladies. :)

I've got a few more mouse-drawn tubes that are almost finished. They're not quite ready just yet, but I hope to get them uploaded tomorrow sometime.

Oh, and I got the comments fixed at 4shared so that anyone/everyone can leave a comment again. Just wanted to add a note of thanks for all the nice notes so many of you guys leave both there and here on my blog. I read & appreciate them all very much. :)

You can click on the preview image to see it a bit larger. For some reason, the limit on the preview size shown below is 400x400px even though I saved it at 600x600.

- 8 papers (600x600px)
- 4 tinsel garlands (700px)
- 4 round tinsel frames
- holly accent & holly ribbon
- tinsel corner
- 6 ornaments

Download from SkyDrive here


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Treasured Friend Award

What a treat! I'm always behind anymore so I'm a bit slower finding Bluebird's note for me than I should have been. If you've never checked out her blog before, be sure to take a peek! Actually, one of the things I've been making for my Christmas kit (which is still in-progress - wonder if I'll finish it before the holiday? lol) comes from a tinsel tutorial she shared on her blog. Thank you very much for the award, Bluebird. :)

And now to pass it along to 5 other blogs:

- The PoshBox Scraps

- Honored Scraps

- Kissed By Pix

- Lillie's Lair

I know that's only 4 friends' blogs, but I'm not having any luck finding a 5th one which hasn't already received it. So I guess I'll just leave it at four.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick note about 4shared

Just a really short & quick note this evening.

I hadn't realized that 4shared had changed the way comments were handled on the download links. They had changed something to where the only people who could comment were ones with 4shared accounts. I think I've gotten it set now to where anyone at all can leave a comment again. A couple of folks had contacted me to let me know of the change at 4shared, otherwise I still would've been in the dark. Thanks to those who let me know. :)

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far, and hope my next post will actually be a goodie rather than just a note. :)