Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Christmas Tubes

And here are the mouse-drawn tubes I mentioned in my post yesterday. Hope someone can find a use for them. :)

Credit goes to Chelle/Teddy Bear Lane for her teddy bear tutorials hosted at PSP Playground. I did one of her tuts for making a different bear awhile back and learned how to make the critter look furry. This one in my post isn't from a specific tut of hers, but the technique I used is what I learned from her tuts. Thank you to Chelle for sharing her great tutorials. :)

- Tree
- Poinsettia
- Mouse in Santa hat (same mouse as the ones in an earlier post - just drew him a hat)
- Teddy in Santa hat
- Teddy without the hat (not shown on the preview)
- Santa hat (not shown on the preview - same hat as the one on the teddy bear though)

Download from SkyDrive here



Debbie said...

Amy your tubes are delightful and so cute. thank you for sharing. merry christmas and angel blessings xx

mungo said...

Thank you for these great tubes