Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Letters Kit

About time I posted something new, wouldn't you say? lol Hope someone might like it and be able to use it for something. :) Also, my Valentine's kit from last year is still posted for sharing. The download link had expired or become invalid (or something, not sure what happened). I'm not sure when it croaked, but I got it updated yesterday. I'll try to check all the older links as soon as I can and update any others that no longer work. If you do find one that's dead, let me know in the chatbox or however so I'll see it. Anyway, the old Valentine kit link is working again so if you're interested in that one, you can find that post here.

Not everything is shown in the preview for this one, and you can also click on the image below to see a larger preview image.

- 10 papers (700 x 700px)
- 4 puffy stickers
- 4 stamps
- 2 bows
- 2 ribbons (750px long)
- 3 frames (1 not shown)
- 2 flowers (not shown)
- 1 envelope (not shown)
- 2 postcards (1 not shown)
- 1 wordart (not shown)
- Mailbox (drawn-from-scratch tube)

Download from SkyDrive here