Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plymouth Rock

Well, this actually started out with the intention of being a kit with papers and all the assorted bits I usually add to kits. However, I've kind of run out of time. I wanted to post these before the holiday. Maybe by the weekend I can finish & upload the rest of the bits to go with the drawn elements shown on the preview below. I hope someone will like these & be able to find a use for them. As always, if anyone does, I'd love to see what you do with them. :)

And if anyone is interested, I have another turkey I drew last year posted here. I just tested the link, and the download is still working.

- Pilgrim boy (970 px tall)
- Pilgrim girl (940 px tall)
- The Mayflower (700 px wide by 620 tall)
- Plymouth Rock (475 x 400 px)
- Wave accent to use with the ship (700 x 150 px)
- Tom Turkey (625 x 550 px)

Click image below to see the preview at a much larger size.

Download from SkyDrive here