Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pumpkin Coach

Well, I'm only a day later than I hoped I would be getting this posted. And I know it's a little bit early for Halloween stuff too, but as slow as I am anymore, I figured it was better to share it too early than to wait and get it up on November 1st. lol

I drew this in PSP 9, but it's based on a Photo Impact tutorial posted on Dia's Dimensions site. I don't have Photo Impact, but I really liked her result so I gave it a whirl in PSP. Thank you for sharing the wonderful tut! :) You can visit her site here, and the tutorial is posted here.

Tagger-sized tube: size is 642 x 485 pixels.

(click on the preview below to see the coach at 100%)

Download from SkyDrive here

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Creations by others using my bits

Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. lol Things have just been really busy around here for about a month or so now, and I'm even further behind than I normally am. I am working on a new drawing/tube (or whatever you'd want to call it) though, and I hope I'll have it finished so I can post it tomorrow.

I wanted to give a couple of ladies a plug tonight. They used a couple of different kits of mine and created some really nice things. They gave me a special treat taking the time to show me how they used the kits, and I just wanted to show them off & share the links to their blogs with everyone who reads mine.

First up is Lyn aka Spyder. She has a lovely blog devoted to her paper crafts. She printed out some of the bits from my Sunbonnet Girls kit and created a birthday card. I thought it turned out really pretty, and it was a use that had never occurred to me. You can take a peek at the card below, and be sure to swing by her blog as well!

Spyder's Corner Blog

Next up is Donna aka Freedom To Bark. She used my portion of the Can We Keep Him, Mommy? blog train to create a free blog layout. You can see a small preview of what it looks like below. Such a cute layout I thought. Be sure to go by her blog to see all her other creations. Definitely worth a peek!

Freedom To Bark Blog
Post with the free layout -

Thank you again ladies for letting me see how you used my freebies. I really enjoyed seeing them! :)