Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Word Art

A couple of word art bits to share this evening. No download links for this one. Just click on the preview below, and it will open at full size. Right click & save once the image is opened - it's in .png format.

Click preview below to open at full size, then right-click & save the image to use it.
Or just click here to download. Again, right-click & save the image once opened at full-size.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Festive Fireworks

So here is what I was using those gradients for that I posted yesterday. Some fireworks to share with everybody. Hope someone can use them for something!

- 4 starburst fireworks (800 px square)
- 5 sparkle fireworks (sizes ranging from 350 px to 900 px)
- 3 bottle rockets (950 px tall)
- 3 firecrackers (each 500 px on the longest side)

Download from SkyDrive here


Saturday, July 2, 2011

CU Resource Freebie - Patriotic Gradients

Something different from me today. I was working on another project, and I kept making various red, white, & blue gradients to use for what I was making. So I thought maybe someone else could use them, too.

These are okay for commercial use. I figured that way if anyone does download them and add them to their PSP program, you won't have to remember if they're okay or not if you use them to make something you wind up selling.

Contents: 6 .PspGradient files as shown in the preview below

These were made in PSP 9. They should work in version 8 and newer, but check your program for compatibility. I only have version 9 so don't have any means of converting these or making them compatible with older versions or other programs.

Download from SkyDrive here