Saturday, May 28, 2011

Survey for visitors

Hi folks :)

Just a short post to ask that you take this 2 question survey I put together. I've been approached a few times regarding allowing my drawn images to be used like clip art in scrap kits others make and sell. I'd like to get some feedback from those of you who visit my blog to see if it would be something worth looking into. If I did go for something like that, everything would stay free for personal/non-profit use, and there would either be a small charge per item or a flat amount for unlimited use of everything from now on if used commercially/for-profit.

Second, I'd like to know if you'd prefer my kits be zipped into 2 files - one for the papers and a second for the elements. Just curious if most of you want/use the papers too or mainly download for the bits. Or even if the 2 smaller file sizes would be easier or preferable to one larger file for downloading limits and speeds.

You can take the survey here. It's just a 2 question one, so won't take long at all. I appreciate the info & help. :)

Click here to take survey


Rain Showers Kit

Sharing a new kit this morning. Been working on this one for awhile, decided to call it finished this morning though. Hope someone can use it! :)

Contents (more than shown on preview below):
- 25 papers (800 x 800 px)
- 4 rosettes
- 4 tags
- 4 journaling tags
- 4 ribbons (900 px long)
- 5 bows (No actions used this time!)
- 9 frames
- 3 flairs (I forgot to add these to the preview.)
- 1 rainbow
- 1 jewel raindrop
- Raindrop sheet
- 15 mouse-drawn images including Rain Boots, Rain Hats, Umbrellas, Clouds, and a Duck

Download from SkyDrive here