Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alllllllllll Aboard!

Well, it's finally time for the 'Can We Keep Him, Mommy?' blog train to take off! I've really enjoyed participating in this one - my very first blog train. Just wanted to take a minute to thank the other ladies who joined in on this one for all the freebies and goodies they've made & shared! Be sure to go by the station blog to snag all the other pre-train bits that have been shared over the past few weeks! Scroll down my blog here to find the preview & link for the pre-train add-on that I shared last week, too.

Mine is a tag-sized kit, but some of the drawn elements are a bit larger. Sizes are noted below.
- 21 papers (700px x 700px)
- 10 bows
- 8 buttons
- 5 flowers
- 7 frames
- 12 ribbons (800px long)
- 6 ribbon curls
- 6 ricrac
- 4 wordart
- 3 tags
- 6 ladybugs
- 9 critter tubes/elements drawn by me
- 2 butterflies (approx. 325px wide)
- 1 caterpillar (approx. 300px long)
- 1 jar of fireflies (approx. 200px x 250px)
- 1 frog (approx. 600px x 400px)
- 2 lilypads - one with bloom, one without (each 700px across)
- 1 mouse (approx. 350px x 400px)
- 1 turtle (approx. 560px x 300px)

(you can click my preview to see it at a bit larger size)

Download from SkyDrive here