Saturday, September 17, 2011

New tut link using my A Bit Witchy kit

And here's a link to the second tut on Angel's blog.  It's using my A Bit Witchy kit from last year too.  Thank you again for sharing your tut.  It makes a great tag! :)

Toil & Trouble tut on Angel's blog is here -

And a direct link to my A Bit Witchy kit is here -


New tut link using my BBQ kit

Angel has written another couple of tuts using some of my scraps.  This is the first one using my BBQ kit from last year.  I kept seeing visits to my blog originating from hers so went & took a peek.  It was a nice surprise to find she'd written these tuts.  It's a treat for me to see that folks really do use the stuff I make & share.  Thank you! :)

If anyone ever writes a tut using my stuff here, please always drop me a note so I can take a look too.  And if anyone makes a tag using my stuff, again let me know.  I love seeing what everyone makes!

BBQ tut at Angel's blog is here -

And here's a direct link to my BBQ kit -


Sunday, September 11, 2011

New tut link using School Days kit

Lyn aka Angel has posted a new tut to her blog using my School Days kit below.  Just wanted to share the link in case anyone wanted to give it a go.  Thanks for using my kit, Lyn!  It's a treat for me to see how folks are able to use the stuff I share. :)

Lyn's School Days tutorial is here -

Anyone who writes a tut using any of my scraps, please send me a link.  I'd love to try the tut too, and feature a link to your blog so others can try it out! 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Days Kit

I've got a new kit to share this evening.  I had it finished yesterday, but I didn't manage to actually get it uploaded until this evening.  Hope someone will be able to use it. :)

- 10 papers (800 x 800 px)
- 5 corrugated borders (think of bulletin boards in classrooms)
- 4 frames
- 1 cluster frame
- 22 drawn elements including an apple, calculator, chalkboard, chalk eraser, clipboard, corkboard, globe, 5 highlighter pens, combination lock, locker, 4 notebooks, pencil sharpener, protractor & compass, and a gold foil star.
(Click the preview below to see it at a larger size.)

Download from SkyDrive here