Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunbonnet Girls Kit

Here's a new kit from me. I don't know if many or any of you guys might have a quilt with these sunbonnet girls on it or not, but my granny made one for me when I was a lot younger. That's where the idea for this particular kit came from. I started out by drawing the girls in PSP - my vector nodes are cooperating better than they were on the raccoon lol - and went from there.

I finally broke down and bought a few actions this past week for making bows and flowers, too. My own bow-making skills are sadly lacking (quite frankly, they stink lol) and seems like all my flowers tend to look exactly the same. Anyway, hope someone might like the kit and be able to use it in some way. And as always, if anyone makes a tag with it or anything, I'd love to see it. :)

- 20 papers (700 x 700 px)
- 11 bows
- 7 buttons
- 10 flowers
- 5 frames
- 5 ribbon knots
- 10 ribbons
- 4 ricrac
- 4 sunbonnet girls (approx. 600 px tall)

(you can click on the preview to see it at a larger size)

Download from SkyDrive here


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hello :) Long time no post, I know. My computer decided to play dead about three weeks ago. I've since managed to get a used replacement to use for as long as it will last so I'm back in business after finally getting everything set up and reinstalled.

I wanted to get something made & posted, but I wasn't having a lot of luck with ideas for scraps or kits. So I drew this tonight instead. We've had a momma raccoon and several babies hanging out at work here lately, and that's where the idea to try drawing one came from. I'm not thrilled with the tail, but I finally gave up on getting it any better. I think there must be some setting I'd tinkered with for node editing on the old computer that I can't remember how to fix on this one. Things aren't quite working like I expect them to at times. lol

This one is a bit larger than I generally make my drawn tubes, so maybe it can be used for larger projects I hope. I left it at full-size on the preview. Just click on the preview image below to see it at 100%. The image below gets resized to a maximum size of 400 x 400 (I think) so it looks smaller than it actually is on the preview below.

Download from SkyDrive here