Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hoo Loves Ya

Got to thinking about doing something for Valentine's Day today, and I remembered those little Valentine cards we probably all used to give out in grade school. The ones with animals or fruit or foods with a little saying or a play on words relating to the subject of the card. I wanted to make a whole bunch of these, but they probably won't show up before the holiday tomorrow. So, here's one and maybe the first of several others that'll eventually pop up here. Hope someone can use this. :)

I'm actually working on a kit right now too. I hope I'll get that uploaded by next weekend.

- Mouse-drawn owl image - approx. 500 x 600 pixels
- 2 bits of word art

Download from SkyDrive here


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Year Of The Rabbit

Two new posts within a single week - no telling how long it will be before I get something else new made & uploaded. lol It's another new freebie image though, sort of a continuation from last year's Year of the Tiger image. The download link for the tiger is still working as of a few minutes ago when I checked it. I'm planning to eventually get one made for each of the Chinese zodiac animals. Hope someone might like it & be able to use it for something. :)

Much larger than shown below. Actual dimensions are 657 x 900 px tall.

Download from SkyDrive here