Sunday, June 26, 2011

All A'Bloom Kit

This one has actually been in the works since the rain showers kit - or around the same time at least. I was working on them both at the same time for awhile, but I wasn't making much progress on either until I made myself stick to one at a time. lol I finally finished this one off just a little bit ago & got it uploaded. I hope someone will like it & be able to put it to some use!

I also wanted to add a note of thanks for all the responses I've had for the survey. Looks like the majority prefer having everything in one zip file rather than having the papers & elements separated into two files so that's how I'll continue uploading mine. Regarding the second question on the survey, it looks like there is interest in commercial use of my stuff. I'll update in reference to that later once I've looked into it a bit further.

Contents (not everything is shown on the preview):
- 24 papers (800 x 800 px)
- 10 bows
- 6 buttons
- 6 binder clips
- 28 flowers (I finally made myself quit making more. lol)
- 1 leaf to use with any of the flowers you'd like
- 12 frames
- 5 glass buttons
- 4 journal tags
- 6 pinwheels
- 4 ribbons (890 px long)
- 3 ribbon tags
- 3 stitched flowers
- 4 glitter doodles
- 6 tags
- 2 mouse-drawn images: dandelion & watering can

Click the preview below to see it at a much larger size.

Download from SkyDrive here