Saturday, December 6, 2008

Treasured Friend Award

What a treat! I'm always behind anymore so I'm a bit slower finding Bluebird's note for me than I should have been. If you've never checked out her blog before, be sure to take a peek! Actually, one of the things I've been making for my Christmas kit (which is still in-progress - wonder if I'll finish it before the holiday? lol) comes from a tinsel tutorial she shared on her blog. Thank you very much for the award, Bluebird. :)

And now to pass it along to 5 other blogs:

- The PoshBox Scraps

- Honored Scraps

- Kissed By Pix

- Lillie's Lair

I know that's only 4 friends' blogs, but I'm not having any luck finding a 5th one which hasn't already received it. So I guess I'll just leave it at four.


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