Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Painted Owl

This is something I drew & painted in PSP last year and had originally posted to share on my deviantart account. I've been seeing owls popping up here and there in different kits and thought he might fit in with my Fall kit. So I decided to move him over to share here too, just in case anyone could find a use for him. I gave him a few minor touch-ups in a few places I saw where the color wasn't as solid as it should've been. The image is a little bit bigger than shown on the preview below, too. Anyway, hope someone might like it & be able to use it somehow. :)

Download from SkyDrive here



Brenda said...

I love your owl!!!
Thanks for sharing!!
I love owls. I collect them.

Anonymous said...

Love it... Did you know the Hoot Owl ids the Mascot of RICE university? This one is a keeper!!!

mungo said...

Love the owl, thank you very much