Friday, July 17, 2009

I got an award!

First of all, my apologies to Miss Erin for me being so late finding her post that let me know she'd given me the award. I'm always behind anymore, but I always do manage to eventually find everything. So a huge thank you to Miss Erin for the treat. :) (And as a note to anyone who has never visited her blog, go now! She has some wonderful kits posted to share!)

All of the credit for the design of my blog goes to Pamela from The Posh Box. She did a super job on the design, and I still love it. Now, I'm supposed to pass along the award to 7 other blogs. However, I'm not having much luck finding any which haven't already received it. So I guess I'll just say a huge thank you again to Miss Erin for the special treat I finally found this evening. :)


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