Friday, October 10, 2008

Corny Candy 2

So this is what I did today instead of doing some of the tons of other stuff I probably should've been doing. lol Here's 6 more of these Halloween candy corn critters - including a witch, a cat, a bat, a mummy, a punkin, and a bride for Frank. I think I'm out of ideas for any others to make so this may be the end of 'em. If anyone has an idea for another one to include, feel free to let me know. No guarantees I could do it, but I'm always open to ideas. Anyway, hope someone might like them and be able to find a use for them. :)

Download from SkyDrive here



~*Colleen*~ said...

Love them! Thanks Amy!

Maryse said...

So cute!!
thank you so much :))

Mags said...

Mercy! One is cuter than the next! I love these!!!
:) Mags

mungo said...

Tremendous little chappies, thank you

Anonymous said...

Love the Bat! Thanks - Kat